Under HSE we offer turnkey solutions. Mursi contracts all services from hiring trained fire-fighting staff, purchase of high-end machinery, equipment, training, certifications and reporting.

Below is the list of services provided by Mursi

  • 24 Hours fully networked on call fire safety station
  • Provide station commanders
  • Provide crew commanders
  • Provide fire fighters
  • International standard training for all kinds of fire rescue
  • Equip the fire station with minimum firefighting team on a 24/7 basis
  • Inspection and up keeping of all firefighting equipment (fixed and portable)
  • Daily sight visits and risk assessment reporting
  • Conduct regular training, mock drill and simulations
  • Training for fire wardens (clients employees)
  • Fully equipped and maintained fire safety truck
  • State of the art Fire safety equipment


  • Recruitment of Station Commander (20+ years experience)
    a) Deputy Commanders (10+ (15+) years of experience)
    b) Crew commander (7 + Years of experience)
    c) Fire fighters
  • Maintain all Roasters for the 40 man fire team to make sure the station is operational 24/7
  • Maintain and update all medical and fitness records for the team
  • Produce Weekly and month reporting for the client


  • Training program developed by certified fire safety trainers
  • Training conducted on a regular basis for ongoing team training and fitness

Training modules for

  • Rescue for heights (rope rescue) and slope rescue
  • Rescue in accident with motor vehicle, mobile equipment and moving load
  • Rescue in emergency situation in confined space
  • MSDS and rescue in accident with chemical products
  • Lock out/ tag out procedures and to rescue in electric energy accident.
  • Quality PPE